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Frequent Asked Questions

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  • What time do the photographer and videographer begin on the wedding day?
    Typically, we start our coverage one hour after the makeup artist to capture the wedding preparation at the bride's side.
  • How will the deliverables be provided?
    The final deliverables will be provided through a download link.
  • What's the earliest time that the photographer/videographer can start ?
    We are flexible with the starting time and can accommodate early mornings as well, even as early as 4 or 5 am. Rest assured, there are no additional charges on our side for early morning shoots.
  • Does the photographer/videographer require transportation?
    Yes, the client needs to arrange transportation for our photographer/videographer, especially between different wedding venues.
  • How long does it take to receive the final deliverables?
    Typically, we require about 8 weeks from the date of service engagement to complete the deliverables. However, we understand that timely delivery is important to our clients, and we will try our best to deliver them as early as possible.
  • What payment modes are accepted?
    We accept payment via PayNow and bank transfer.
  • Is there an early morning surcharge (i.e., before 6 am) or other hidden charges?
    No, there is no additional surcharge for early morning shoots. The prices are nett.
  • Will raw photos/videos be included in the deliverables?
    Raw photos and video footage can be provided upon client request.
  • What are the payment terms?
    To reserve the time and date of our photographers and videographers, we require a 50% deposit from all customers. This deposit is refundable if the services end up not being carried out. The remaining balance payment will be due on the event date.
  • Will I only receive the minimum number of photos stated in the offerings?
    We guarantee a minimum number of enhanced/edited images as mentioned in the packages. If more shots are captured, we will provide as many as possible.
  • What is the duration of the wedding documentary?
    The wedding documentary is a compilation of all the recorded video footage. Its duration typically ranges from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the number and duration of the captured moments.
  • Can I use my preferred music in the video?
    We have a licensing subscription. If you wish to use music outside the license coverage, you will need to provide it.
  • What elements are typically included in the Same Day Edit (SDE) wedding highlights?
    The SDE wedding highlights usually encompass various components such as the bride and groom's preparation, the moment of the first look, the gatecrashing ceremony, the solemnization ceremony, the tea ceremony, and footage of the bridal party.
  • How much time is needed for the same-day edit video?
    The videographer requires approximately 3 hours to prepare the Same-Day-Edit video. The client should coordinate the schedule with the videographer.
  • Can you provide Same Day Edit (SDE) wedding highlights for a lunch banquet?
    Absolutely! We are able to create and deliver Same Day Edit (SDE) wedding highlights for lunch banquets. Our experienced videographers will collaborate with you to effectively manage the timing, ensuring that the SDE wedding highlights are ready for your lunch banquet.
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