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From Surprises to Lovely Memories: A Maternity Photoshoot at Gallop Extension Botanic Garden

A maternity photoshoot is a special moment for expecting parents, capturing the beauty and excitement of their journey into parenthood. Recently, I had the opportunity to accompany Julius on a maternity photoshoot adventure, and little did we know that it would turn out to be a day filled with surprises and beautiful memories.

Our couple, Dawn and Chong Tee, wanted to have their photoshoot at Oval, and I assumed it is a condominium. The Oval is, in fact, the Seletar Aerospace Park. I was so worried that shooting under the scorching sun, which these days can be as high as 34 Degrees Celius, might be uncomfortable for the couple. Intrigued by their choice of Oval, I inquired further and discovered that Dawn have a liking for colonial houses. I had always yearned to shoot at the Gallop Extension. With its colonial house vibes and the promise of indoor spaces and shades, it seemed like an ideal alternative to Oval.

Upon reaching Gallop Extension on that hot afternoon, we were pleasantly surprised to find an air-conditioned place for our use. It was an excellent decision to shoot there, as we could provide respite from the heat while capturing stunning moments. We initiated the photoshoot within the air-conditioned room, much to the couple's delight. As our camera clicked, their happiness and excitement radiated through their smiles. The addition of plushy toys and their baby CT scan brought a personal touch to the session.

The colonial architecture of Gallop Extension, with its columns and elegant façade, perfectly complemented Dawn's vision for a venue reminiscent of colonial houses. The location served as a picturesque backdrop, capturing the timeless essence of their maternity journey.

As the weather improved, we ventured out into the open field to capture some breathtaking shots in the natural light. The lush greenery and serene ambiance added a soothing touch to the photographs.

The day flew by in a blur of laughter, tender moments, and shared joy. Julius and I were thrilled with how the photos turned out, as they beautifully encapsulated the couple's love and anticipation. We felt grateful for the opportunity to be part of their special journey and contribute to their cherished memories.

Edmund Project Wedding Day Videographer, Photographer

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